2. Nourishing Connections: Podcast, Web Discussion, World Premiere Concert

by Graham Kings

Date added: 23/10/2020

Nourishing Connections:

Podcast, Web Discussion, World Premiere Concert

Ponderings 2, Oct 2020, by Graham Kings



I am delighted with the design and production of Nourishing Connections by Canterbury Press and am very grateful to Christine Smith, senior commissioning editor, for her encouragement and advice.

The Preface, covers and commendations may be seen here and the book ordered here.

Various events have been planned as part of the book launch.

1.  Fri 2 Oct 2020, Church Times Podcast: Painter, Poet, Composer

Ed Thornton, Assistant Editor of the Church Times, recorded a Church Times Podcast which was broadcast on 2 October and is still online.

He interviewed Silvia Dimitrova (Bulgarian Orthodox icon writer), Tristan Latchford (English composer, see below) and me about our 17 year triple project on ‘Women in the Bible’: seven paintings, seven poems and seven anthems.

Short video clips of Silvia unveiling of her last three paintings in the series may be seen here: Miriam (2018), Ruth (2019) and Esther (2020).

2.   Sat 24 Oct 2020, Online Book Launch and Discussion

This coming Saturday, 24 October 7.00pm-8.00pm, Canterbury Press is hosting a free online book launch and discussion and I am very grateful to Josie Gunn for producing it.

[now online here]

It will be similar to the format of Andrew Marr’s ‘Start the Week’ on Radio 4, chaired by Dr Jennifer Wallace (Director of English Studies, Peterhouse, Cambridge) with Prof David Ford (Emeritus Regius Professor of Divinity, Cambridge) and The Revd Dr Malcolm Guite (poet, and priest, Girton College, Cambridge) and me.

Please do consider registering to join us by clicking on EventBrite.

A code for a 20% discount on the RRP of the book will be emailed to all who register…

3.   Sun 25 Oct 2020, Sermon and World Premiere of Sarah anthem at Selwyn College, Cambridge

The next day, Sunday 25 Oct, 6.00pm, I will be preaching in Selwyn College, Cambridge, on Genesis 18:1-15 and on Silvia’s painting, Sarah, in which my mother’s face is reflected in Sarah and my father’s face in Abraham. 

I was a postgraduate student at Selwyn in New Testament studies in 1980, while also training for ordination at Ridley Hall, and I am very grateful to Canon Hugh Shilson-Thomas (Chaplain) and to Dr Sarah MacDonald (Director of Music) for this invitation and to the Choir who will be singing the world premiere of the anthem, ‘Sarah’, by Tristan Latchford.

This may be viewed live (or later) on the Selwyn College YouTube channel.

[now online here]

4.   Fri 20 Nov 2020, World Premiere of 7 Anthems, ‘Women in the Bible’, by Tristan Latchford, Royal Foundation of St Katharine, London

[This has since been postponed to the Spring of 2021 because of the November 2020 lockdown]

On Friday 20 November at the Royal Foundation of St Katharine, Limehouse, London, there will be an exhibition of Silvia Dimitrova’s seven paintings of Women in the Bible (1.30pm-3.30pm), a book launch of Nourishing Connections (4.30pm-5.30pm) and a world premiere concert of Tristan Latchford’s seven anthems of Women in the Bible (7.00pm-8.30pm), which will be recorded for a CD.

You may register for any of these events on EventBrite and details are also on the site of St Katharine’s.

Tristan Latchford is an English composer, 24, who lives near Cambridge and is studying for a PhD at the Peabody Institute of John Hopkins University. Previously he was Director of Music at St Chad’s College, Durham where we met. His seven anthems of ‘Women in the Bible’, his first major work, in a style reminiscent of both baroque and middle-eastern music, interpret my poems and and Silvia’s paintings.

The Organist, Oliver Asher, was a Scholar at St Pauls’ Cathedral and formerly organ scholar at Trinity College, Cambridge. 

The Queen Matilda’s Ensemble is made up of singers from across the professional spectrum who have sung at the Royal Opera House, Glyndebourne and Opera de Lyon, as well as performing regularly with the top British and European choirs such as The Sixteen, The Monteverdi Choir, Tallis Scholars , Tenebrae and Collegium Vocale Gent.

I am very grateful to the Master of St Katharine’s, The Ven Roger Preece, for sponsoring these events. I love the Royal Foundation, where I have had regular Quiet Days since 1980 and where the last three poems in the series were written.

5.   Sun 22 Nov 2020, Sermon at Hertford College, Oxford on ‘Ruth’

[This has since been postponed to the Spring of 2021 because of the November 2020 lockdown]

Three days later, I will be preaching (via Zoom) at Hertford College, Oxford, on ‘Ruth’ with Silvia’s painting.  I am very grateful to The Revd Mia Smith (Chaplain) for the invitation to return to Hertford College, where I have confirmed and preached previously. In the chapel there is an icon by Silvia Dimitrova, commissioned in memory of Michael Chantry, of beloved memory, the longest serving Chaplain in an Oxford college, 1961-2001.

I studied at Hertford College law (one year) and theology (three years) from 1973-77 and came to faith in Christ on 20 January 1974, helped by The Ven David Newman, now Warden of Launde Abbey, where in September I led two ordination retreats for the Diocese of Leicester.



I look forward to meeting people at these various events, in person and online.

Retirement is intriguing and enjoyable, for which I give great thanks to God.



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