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Welcome to Nourishing Connections. I hope you will discover more and more about God, and God’s extraordinary world, as you explore this new site.

Nourishing Connections is also the title of my book of poetry being published by Canterbury Press on 30 September 2020.

I was ordained 40 years ago and have loved serving as a curate, missionary, theologian, vicar, bishop and mission theologian in London, Kenya, Cambridge, Islington, Sherborne, and the global South of the Anglican Communion. Now, back in Cambridge I am a retired bishop in the Diocese of Ely and Research Associate at the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide.

Here you can read articles, chapters, books, and poems which I have written over these years, together with photos, videos and art. I am very grateful to the editors and publishers of the books, journals and websites where these first appeared.

The seven paintings of Women in the Bible, at the top of each section, are by Silvia Dimitrova. We have enjoyed working together on this project over the last 17 years and my accompanying poems are in the poetry section. Tristan Latchford is composing seven anthems on these paintings and poems.

2. Nourishing Connections: Podcast, Web Discussion, World Premiere Concert

23/10/2020    A Pondering


In my second Ponderings, for October, I describe five events which are part of the book launch of Nourishing Connections.

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1. Nourishing Connections: Introducing the Website

06/09/2020    A Pondering


In this, the first of my Ponderings, I introduce this new website, 'Nourishing Connections: theology, mission, poetry'.

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