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Welcome to Nourishing Connections. I hope you will discover more and more about God, and God’s extraordinary world, as you explore this new site.

Nourishing Connections is the title of my book of poetry, published by Canterbury Press in 2020. The other two books in the 'Nourishing' trilogy are Nourishing Mission: Theological Settings (Brill, Dec 2021) and Nourishing Memories which is being published in instalments on Covenant from June 2021.

I was ordained 41 years ago and have loved serving as a curate, missionary, theologian, vicar, bishop, and mission theologian, in London, Kenya, Cambridge, Islington, Sherborne, and the global South of the Anglican Communion. Now living in Cambridge, I serve as Honorary Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Ely and Research Associate at the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide.

Here you can read articles, chapters, books, and poems which I have written over these years, together with photos, videos and art. I am very grateful to the editors and publishers of the books, journals and websites where these first appeared.

The seven paintings of Women in the Bible, at the top of each section, are by Silvia Dimitrova. We have enjoyed working together on this project over the last 17 years and my accompanying poems are in the poetry section. Tristan Latchford has composed seven anthems on these paintings and poems. From 25 Sept to 30 Oct 2021 the paintings are part of the exhibition 'Global Images of Christ: Challenging Perceptions' at Chester Cathedral.

Nourishing Memories Chap 2: Schooldays

20/09/2021    From Nourishing Memories


Chapter two of Nourishing Memories explores the period from the age of five to eighteen at infants, primary and secondary schools, together with reflections on our local church choir, sport and friends in France.

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Nourishing Memories Chap 1: Early Childhood

16/07/2021    From Nourishing Memories


Following my Preface last month, chapter one of Nourishing Memories explores birth, baptism, growth and prayer during my first four years, with wider ruminations.

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Nourishing Memories: Preface

03/06/2021    From Nourishing Memories


In this first instalment of my Nourishing Memories, which will be serialized by Covenant, I provide various examples of the genre of memoir and explore reasons for writing and the temptations involved.

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6. Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide: Silver Jubilee

20/03/2021    From Ponderings


The five ways in which the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year: launch of 'Friends of the Centre'; launch of a book of global Anglican perspectives on prayer; a history of the Centre; five lectures, 'Transfiguring World Christianity'; and a book of 25 essays, Connecting Christianities.

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5. Women in the Bible

23/01/2021    From Ponderings


The journey of a multi-artform project - art, poetry and music - inspired by seven biblical women, from commission to publication and performance. 

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