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Light from Rose window in St Peter's Cathedral, Geneva, thrown onto wall of opposite transept Thomas Key Jung explains the formation of the Korean alphabet, which was simplified by the 15 century King Sejong, and his chosen scholars, written on the base of his statue, in the central square of Seoul. Footage by Bishop Graham Kings during a visit to the temporary Cathedral in Malakal, South Sudan.Bishop Hilary Garang from South Sudan is on Sabbatical in the UK at Ridley Hall during the autumn semester of 2016. Mount Kenya glacier from above en route to Point Lenana 1987 Photo GK Rt Revd Dr Graham Kings - speaking about Anglican Perspectives on Theologies of Mission. Recorded in The Center for Anglican Communion Studies, Virginia Theological Seminary, in May 2015. Presentation of Graham Kings by the BIshops of London and of Salisbury Victor Virdi Good Fri 2006 carring the Cross in porch of St Mary's Photo Barry Dunnage Fr Tony Currer of Pontifical Council for Christian Unity