Oxford to Cambridge with a Camel walk 1999

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Turkana elder and young man arrive at confirmation Epinding, Isiolo 1985 Photo GK Graham and Alison Kings, David Stancliffe (Bp of Salisbury) and Stephen Conway (Bp of Ramsbury) 2009 Good Fri 2003 Tom Mannion (Royal Shaksepeare Company actor) and member of St Mary's Photo BD St Mary's Church, Islington, inside clock face Photo Jim Bazeley Choir of Presbytarian University and Theological Seminary, Seoul Paula Gooder and Caroline Welby at the Symposium at the Pontifical Gregorian University Mothers Union of Kabare play of CMS missionary Edmund Crawford arriving with Gospel in 1910 Photo GK Good Fri 2009 gathering in N1 shopping centre Photo Barry Dunnage