Oxford to Cambridge with a Camel walk 1999

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George Sumner, Isabelle Hamley, Robert Heaney, Joanildo Burity and Lydia Mwaniki Fulcrum Conference 2018 Good News Guido de Graaff during lunch Lambeth Palace Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, steps down to the birthplace of Christ Graham and Alison Kings, David Stancliffe (Bp of Salisbury) and Stephen Conway (Bp of Ramsbury) 2009 Borona nomadic huts, Bubisa, 1986 Photo GK Good Fri 2003 Tom Mannion (Royal Shaksepeare Company actor) and member of St Mary's Photo BD Shepherd near Shepherds' Fields, Bethlehem Sheppard Chapel under tower of St Mary's Church, Islington Photo Jim Bazeley