Kings Family Farewell Service, May 2009

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Archbishop Rowan Williams answering questions at St Mary's 23 Nov 2003 Palace in Bengaluru, built in 1791 by Tippoo Sultan, administrator, warrior against British Joseph Galgalo (left, later VC of St Paul's Univ Limuru, with Head of Bubisa school 1990 Photo GK Fulcrum Conference 2018 Good News Local Rachel Marszelak Lambeth Palace Rev Hema Latha John moderating at the MTA Conference, Bangalore John Waine, Bishop of Chelmsford, receiving a basket, Kerugoya, 1990 Photo GK Good Fri 2009 Cross on St Mary's porch Photo Barry Dunnage Graham Kings media launch of Fulcrum 5 Nov 2003, St Matthew's Westminster Photo Barry Dunnage