Kabare Passion Play Oct 1991

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Conference photo Bishop Graham Kings and Zachary Guiliano The Most Revd Suheil Dawani, Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem, in his study today, gives greetings to our Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion webinar on Reconciliation and Mission hosted at St George's College, Jerusalem. St Mary's Church, Islington tower stairway Photo Jim Bazeley Good Friday Procession 2006 begins at N1 shopping centre Photo Barry Dunnage At the archives of Propaganda Fide in Rome, Sandra Mazzolini, Prof of Missionary Ecclesiology at Pontifical Urban University shows and discusses the historic letter from the Coptic Pope in Alexandria to the head of newly founded Propaganda Fide Bangladesh Dhaka Presbyterian seminary faculty 1994 Photo GK Good Fri 2003 Tom Mannion (Royal Shaksepeare Company actor) and member of St Mary's Photo BD