Mission Theology Global Webinar Jerusalem Mar 2017

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Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion global webinar in Jerusalem, St George's College, 27-29 March 2017. Muthuraj Swamy and Graham Kings were present at the college and colleagues from Japan to Brazil joined them on a Zoom webinar to write the Preparing for Lambeth book, Walking Together: Global Anglican Perspectives on Reconciliation (Anglican Communion Office, 2019), edited by Muthuraj Swamy and Stephen Spencer. Photos by GK.

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St Andrew's College, Kabare, Mahogany relief, unvarnished, 1991 by Benson Ndaka Photo GK Good Fri 2003 Tom Mannion with Ali Eve (right) and her dancers and RC Bishop Bernard Longley Mothers Union at Rupingazi river awaiting Bishop David Gitari arriving from Embu 1990 Photo GK Anglican Primates at the Symposium at the Gregorian University Graham Kings lecturing Bishop Graham Kings with Mathews Mar Makarios, Bp of Kottayam-Kochi, Mar Thoma Church, & Cherian Thomas, Dir of ECC With Muthuraj Swamy and Yohanna Katanacho, Academic Dean, Nazareth Evangelical College, at college Sindhu Joseph, NT lecturer MBC Bible College, Hyderabad, responding to Susan Thomas's paper