Good Fri Procession 2003, Upper St to St Mary's

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Klippies Kritzinger, Professor of Mission, UNISA Painting of poor people in Rome, on which previous photo's nativity tableau was based in San Marcello Al Corso Thomas Key Jung explains the formation of the Korean alphabet, which was simplified by the 15 century King Sejong, and his chosen scholars, written on the base of his statue, in the central square of Seoul. Victor (Warden then Sacristan) and Comfort (Prayer Team leader) Adekunle Photo Victor Virdi David Ford, Andy Wheeler, Kirsteen Kim, Clare Amos, Chris Wright, Emma Wild-Wood, Pervais Sultan at the reception Attendees discuss the seminar paper Lunch during the conference Boniface Ntunene, student at St Andrew's College, Kabare, and family, near Marsabit 1990 Photo GK