Good Fri Procession 2003, Upper St to St Mary's

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Archbishop Justin Welby with Archbishop of Kenya, Jackson Ole Sapit Silhouette of Bishop Graham Kings Good Fri 2004 Duane O'Garro carrying the cross in the N1 Centre, Upper St, Photo Barry Dunnage 6th Century head of crozier of Pope Gregory the Great lent to Canterbury Cathedral for Primates' Meeting 2016 - Graham Kings photo David Gitari, Bishop of Mount Kenya East, with John Waine, Bishop of Chelmsford, Kabare, Kenya 1990 Water tank and windmill, Epinding, Isiolo 1988 Photo GK Mount Kenya peak reflected in water 1987 Photo GK Episcopal Church in Matanzas, with the Rector, Tulia Sanchez, Bard Maeland and Rienzie Perera