Inaugural Lecture Graham Kings Lambeth July 2016

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On 13 July 2016, Graham gave the Inaugural Lecture of the Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion project at Lambeth Palace, 'Sarah the Mother of Mission: Exposition of Genesis 18 and the Painting by Silva Dimitrova'. Dr Pervais Sultan gave a response and Professor David Ford chaired the discussion. Photos: Claire Reynolds

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Revd Dr Daniel Eshun, Chaplain, Whitelands College, University of Roehampton Grassed roofed house at Moyale near Ethiopian border 1990 Photo GK Lunch during the conference Attendees enjoy drinks after the lecture Close up of the man who killed the lion near Bubisa, 1990 Photo GK Rev Prof Mathew Chandrankunnel, incoming Dir of Ecumencial Christian Centre Dr Wonsuk Ma in full flow at Lambeth Palace Reception after the lecture