Inaugural Lecture Graham Kings Lambeth July 2016

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On 13 July 2016, Graham gave the Inaugural Lecture of the Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion project at Lambeth Palace, 'Sarah the Mother of Mission: Exposition of Genesis 18 and the Painting by Silva Dimitrova'. Dr Pervais Sultan gave a response and Professor David Ford chaired the discussion. Photos: Claire Reynolds

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Discussion of the seminar paper at Lambeth Palace Muthuraj Swamy and Susan Lukens, Associate Dean, St George's College, at St George's Cathedral Graham Kings baptising in the river,.Gillingham, Dorset July 2012 Participants discussing the paper Good Fri 2004 Duane O'Garro carrying the cross in the N1 Centre, Upper St, Photo Barry Dunnage Graham Kings listening to the sermon Good Fri 2003 Tom Mannion (Royal Shaksepeare Company actor) and member of St Mary's Photo BD Hyung Keun Paul Choi, Prof of Mission Studies, Seoul Theological University