Mission Theology Conference in Bengaluru Oct 2016

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Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion conference at the Christian Ecumenical Centre, Bengaluru, 17-24 Oct 2016. Graham Kings also gave a lecture at the United Theological College, and preached at the South Asian Institute for Advanced Christian Studies, Bengaluru.

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Fulcrum Conference 2006 Gospel in Context David Ford and John Sentamu St Mary Islington Archbishop Justin Welby with Dr Julie Ma and Revd Dr Wonsuk Ma at Evening Prayer, with his book on the church in Korea Griphus Gakuru presenintg his seminar paper at Lambeth Palace Bishops' wives of the Episcopal Church in South Sudan and Sudan at Kaju Keji in Nov 2014. Daniel Sankete, Maasai student at St Andrew's College, Kabare, with Graham Kings Easter 1986 Kajiado Conference photo 1985 Kabare Mothers Union play: a 'Mundu Mugo' (Medicine Man) meets Edmund Crawford Photo GK Graham Kings with David Stancliffe, Bishop of Salisbury