Henry Martyn Centre

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The Henry Martyn Mission Studies Library was officially opened in January 1996 at Westminster College, Cambridge and became the Henry Martyn Centre in 1998. It was renamed the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide in 2014.

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Good Fri 2009 drummers in N1 shopping centre Photo Barry Dunnage Bishop Graham with  Chhungi Hrangthan & family: husband Jeremiah Anderson, daughters Joanne & Suzann Fulcrum Conference 2006 Gospel in Context David Ford and John Sentamu St Mary Islington Good Fri 2006 local congregations at St Mary's Photo Barry Dunnage Steve Muneza, Robert Song, David Goodhew, David Kennedy at the reception Bangladesh Thakurgaon paddy fields farmer Photo GK Jo Bailey-Wells and Griphus Gakuru Elizabeth Joy answering questions