Anglican Consultative Council, Lusaka, March 2016

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Anglican Consultative Council meeting at Lusaka, Zambia, 8-19 April 2016.

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Rapids in Kiringa River, Kabare, Rapids in Kiringa River, Kabare, near St Andrew’s College, filmed by GK Aug 2018 Footage by Bishop Graham Kings during a visit to the temporary Cathedral in Malakal, South Sudan.Bishop Hilary Garang from South Sudan is on Sabbatical in the UK at Ridley Hall during the autumn semester of 2016. Muthuraj Swamy and Bishara Khoury outside Church of Shepherds' Fields, Bethlehem Boat trip to small Fijian island Graham Kings sharing the peace with Ezekiel Kondo, Bishop of Khartoum Good Fri 2009 Body of Christ as parachute lifted up Photo Barry Dunnage Mount Kenya from St Andrew's College, Kabare 1985 Photo GK Robert Heaney, Vicentia Kgabe, Graham Kings