Anglican Consultative Council, Lusaka, March 2016

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Anglican Consultative Council meeting at Lusaka, Zambia, 8-19 April 2016.

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Presentation of Graham Kings by the BIshops of London and of Salisbury Interview with Vatican Radio  - Graham Kings, with Philippa Hitchen, regarding the Primates' Meeting, recorded 28th January 2016 in Rome  Flashes of the Spirit, by El Anatsui (Ghana), wide view, Vatican Museum Reading of the Epistle, Galatians 3:23-end, by Carla Cooper, youth group St Mary Islington Bishara Khoury, Graham Kings and Hector Patmore, Synagogue in Nazareth Fulcrum Conference 2018 Good News National Tom Wright Lambeth Palace Good Fri 2009 Cross in Upper St Islington Photo Barry Dunnage The top of Mount Kenya in the early morning sun 1987 Photo GK