African Christian Biography Conference Nov 2015

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African Christian Biography conference at Boston College, USA, Nov 2015, hosted by Prof Dana Robert and Dr Jonathan Bonk.

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Library at St Andrew’s College, Kabare, reliefs by Benson Ndaka, filmed by GK Feb 2014 Turkana elder and young man arrive at confirmation Epinding, Isiolo 1985 Photo GK Lion killer, with the skin, near Bubisa, 1990 Photo GK Bishops' wives of the Episcopal Church in South Sudan and Sudan at Kaju Keji in Nov 2014. Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, steps down to the birthplace of Christ Turkana mother with baby at Confirmation at Isiolo 1985 Photo GK Victor Virdi Good Fri 2006 carring the Cross in porch of St Mary's Photo Barry Dunnage Stuart Buchanan and Evie Vernon