African Christian Biography Conference Nov 2015

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African Christian Biography conference at Boston College, USA, Nov 2015, hosted by Prof Dana Robert and Dr Jonathan Bonk.

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Graham with Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church (USA) St Mary's Church family at Farewell Service May 2009 Photo Victor Virdi St Anselm Window in chapel of St Anselm, where Community of St Anselm prayed throughout the Primates' Meeting - Graham Kings photo Benson Ndaka, Tigoni monastery 1991, sculptor of doors St Andrew's College, Kabare, Library Photo GK Onviang singing Korean Christian folk music at opening session Rev Prof Mathew Chandrankunnel, incoming Dir of Ecumencial Christian Centre Fulcrum Conference 2013 Women Bishops, Stephen Kuhrt, Rachel Treweek, Jody Stowell New Malden Dr Joanildo Burity