Mission Theology Conference in Recife, April 2017

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Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion conference at Diocesan House, Diocese of Recife, Brazil, 24-27 April 2017, hosted by Prof Joanildo Burity, 'Anglican Theology and Public Engagement'.

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Samy Shehata Bangladesh Thakurgaon paddy fields Photo GK Good Fri 2003 Ali Eve and Sara Savage take cross from Tom Mannion in St Mary's Photo Barry Dunnage Embu Cathedral being constructed 1986 Photo GK With the Fijian captain of a boat, who is also a Pentecostal Pastor Victor (Warden then Sacristan) and Comfort (Prayer Team leader) Adekunle Photo Victor Virdi Church at  Shepherd's Fields, Bethlehem Water tank and windmill, Epinding, Isiolo 1988 Photo GK