Mission Theology Conference in Recife, April 2017

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Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion conference at Diocesan House, Diocese of Recife, Brazil, 24-27 April 2017, hosted by Prof Joanildo Burity, 'Anglican Theology and Public Engagement'.

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Borona nomadic huts, Bubisa, 1986 Photo GK Alison Kings with baby Katie-Wambui Kings in Isiolo 1988 With Revd Dr John Samuel Raj, Principal of UTC College Presiding Bishop of Brazil, Francisco de Assis da Silva, joins in by Skype Elsa Tamez, Professor at Latin American Biblical Uni, Costa Rica Some of the attendees at the reception in Prior's Hall Provinces of Anglican Communion (from Primates 2016 website) Christopher John and Nelson Bako