Mission Theology Conference in Recife, April 2017

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Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion conference at Diocesan House, Diocese of Recife, Brazil, 24-27 April 2017, hosted by Prof Joanildo Burity, 'Anglican Theology and Public Engagement'.

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Good Fri 2003 2004 Processions Upper St to St Mary's Design D Winson Pics B Dunnage Music J Osborne Some participants from the MTA Conference, with Bishop Graham and Bishop Mouneer Attendees contemplate the painting Video of Oxford to Cambridge with a Camel walk June 1999, Church Mission Society Fulcrum launch in bar NEAC 4 Andrew Goddard speaking Reading of The Royal Mandate from HM The Queen by Canon John Rees, Provincial Registrar Reception after the lecture Good Fri 2009 Cross in Upper St frozen shoulder advert Photo Barry Dunnage