Archbishop Justin's visit to Pope Francis Oct 2016

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In October 2016, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Archbishop Michael Ramsey's visit to Pope Paul VI, the Archbishop of Canterbury visited Pope Francis. In San Gregorio, Rome, they commissioned 19 pairs of Catholic and Anglican Bishops for united mission. A symposium, celebrating the work of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission and the Anglican Centre in Rome, was held at the Pontifical Gregorian University. Graham gave a lecture at the Pontifical Urban University. His Interweavings article is here. Photos by GK.

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Hilary Garang, Andrew Wheeler and Jordan Hylden listening to Ellizabeth Joy's seminar paper Joel Robbins, Professor of Social Anthropology, Cambridge University Approaching Mount Kenya's twin peaks with snow 1987 Photo GK The Ecumenical Christian Centre, Bangalore Bangladesh Dhaka Presbyterian seminary faculty 1994 Photo GK Graham Kings with the Revd Dr Pervaiz Sultan, who gave a response to the lecture The Prayer of Consecration Presentation of Graham Kings by the BIshops of London and of Salisbury