Priscilla, Chester Cathedral, 24 Oct 2021

by Graham Kings

Date added: 10/11/2021

(The sermon may be viewed on YouTube here, starting 30 minutes in)


I love the story of a young girl whose father was a vicar.

One day she asked her mother, ‘Mummy why does Daddy pray before he preaches?’

Her mother replied, ‘Well, he asks God to help him preach.’

Then, after a few seconds, the little girl replied, ‘Mummy, why doesn't God help him preach?’  It is still good to pray before sermons…

It's a delight to be with you all today and many thanks to the Dean, Tim Stratford, for your kind invitation to preach and also to take part in yesterday's evenings event with Silvia Dimitrova.

Silvia is the painter of the seven ‘Women in the Bible’ iconic paintings which have been part of your wonderful exhibition, ‘Global Images of Christ’, and which my wife, Alison, and I commissioned.

It is a joy that Silvia and her family are also with us this morning and if, after the service, you'd like to see the paintings they are behind us here,  in the Lady Chapel.

I've known Dean Tim for nearly 40 years. Tim lived with Ali and me for a year in 1982, before he trained for ordination, when I was a curate at St Mark's Church, Harlesden, in multicultural northwest London. We were also later on the Liturgical Commission together and he stayed with us in Islington.

Today is Bible Sunday and we are considering the story of Priscilla in Acts chapter 18.

Have a look on the screen at Silvia's painting of Priscilla.

What do you see?