Gallery into Oratory

Date added: 29/05/2020



East Gallery, Bishop's Palace, Wells;
windows of light, in and on three walls.


At the previous evening's preview,
people gathered without gathering,
and looked without seeing.


In the peace of a fresh morning,
the gallery becomes oratory,
flowing with your presence.


I bring a chair to sit
and gaze, amazed, at you,
the Saviour and Giver of Life.


I peer through wood and tempera
to you, the Peerless One.

You see through my appearances,
and pierce flesh and temperament.


Your right hand gives
the sign of bread and blessing;
your left hand holds
the Word of life and love.


To you, I give thanks for saving me;
to you, I turn and return my life.


Though icons are unsigned,
Silvia's love for you
shines through and through.


She is the woman who
wipes the hair of her brush
on your face and neck,
your hands and garments,
pouring out her life.


Signing the invoice,
my inner voice sighs:
Pearl without Price,
owning nothing, I owe everything
to you, the Only One.


Through the abundance of your face,
flow the subtleties of your grace,
knowing, guiding, anointing,
searching, guarding, sending.


© Graham Kings, Nourishing Connections (Canterbury Press, 2020).

first published on Fulcrum September 2007, and in Graham Kings, Signs and Seasons (Canterbury Press, 2008) and also on Covenant and Spiritual Journeys.