Date added: 29/05/2020


John 20.11-18

Painting by Silvia Dimitrova - Magdaleneby Silvia Dimitrova


Who is this woman facing this man,

Head lightly inclined,

Eyes wide open, gazing;

Hands uplifted, palms upward, surprised;

Gorgeously arrayed?


Who is this man facing this woman,

Coming from the right,

Profile clear, bearded;

Hand outstretched, palm down;

Gloriously apparelled?


Behind her, two angels hover,

Reflecting her shape:

Behind him, scented trees lean,

Setting the scene:

Below her, a dark opening hints.

All silent witnesses.


The eyes have it:

Focus of tension and attention.

One word awakes her: ‘Mary’.

One word responds: ‘Rabbouni’.


Their hands shape a triangle

At the centre of meeting:

Her two, shocked and suppliant; 

His one, blessing, calming, sending.


© Graham Kings, Nourishing Connections (Canterbury Press, 2020).

First published as ‘Rabbouni’ on Fulcrum Sept 2007, in Anne Richards (ed.), Sense Making Faith (Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, 2007), in Graham Kings, Signs and Seasons (Canterbury Press, 2008) and also on Covenant, Spiritual Journeys, Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion.