Beer and Theology Cambridge

by Graham Kings

Date added: 13/12/2020

Beer and Theology Cambridge

Dates, Speakers and Subjects

First Friday of the Month 6.30-8.00pm on Zoom


In 2020, I founded 'Beer and Theology Cambridge' (@BeerTheologyCam), an informal seminar, which meets on the first Friday of the month on zoom (6.30pm-8.00pm) and is based at The Other Side bar, on the south bank of the River Cam, opposite Chesterton, Cambridge. 

Two items on the agenda: drink beer (or another preference); discuss theology.

It is co-sponsored by Fulcrum, the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide and Ekklesia. It is a branch of the original Beer and Theology London, the details of which are here.

It is open to all. For a zoom invitation, email: 


The future dates, speakers and subjects for 2021 are:

10. Fri 1 Oct 2021, Simon Barrow, (Director of Ekklesia), 'Against the Religion of Power'.

11. Fri 3 Dec 2021, Esslie Hughes, (Chief of Finance and Operations, Episcopal Diocese of New York), 'Spirituality and Economics'. 


The future dates, speakers and subjects for 2022 are:

12. Fri 4 Feb 2022, Revd Dr Jeremy Morris (Master, Trinity Hall, Cambridge), title tbc.
13. Fri 4 Mar 2022, Silvia Dimitrova, (Artist and Icon writer, Bath), 'Art: Sacred and Secular'.
14. Fri 6 May 2022, Clare Amos (Dir of Discipleship, Diocese of Europe), 'Transfiguring Theology'.

15. Fri 1 July 2022, Charlotte Gauthier (PhD candidate, Royal Holloway College, London) title tbc

16. Fri 2 Sept 2022 tba 

17. Fri 7 Oct 2022, Hannah Swithinbank (Ordinand, Westcott House, Cambridge), title  tbc

Previous dates, speakers and subjects:

1. Fri 2 Oct 2020, Sam Richardson (CEO, SPCK), 'Digital Age: Theological Publishing'.

2. Fri 6 Nov 2020, Dr Jenny Leith, (Encounter Co-ordinator, Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide), 'Racism: Conviction of Sin'.

3. Fri 4 Dec 2020, Revd Dr Muthuraj Swamy, (Director, Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide), 'Esau's Magnanimity: Dialogue Directions'.

4. Fri 5 Feb 2021, Dr Jennifer Wallace, (Fellow and Director of Studies in English, Peterhouse, Cambridge), 'Witnessing Tragedy'.

5. Fri 5 Mar 2021, Canon Dr Gordon Giles, (Canon Chancellor, Rochester Cathedral), 'Hymns: Ancient and Modern'.

6. Fri 7 May 2021, Dr Cathy Ross, (Head of Pioneer Mission Leadership, Church Mission Society), 'Mission: Adventure of the Imagination'.

7. Fri 4 June 2021, Revd Prof Jeremy Begbie, (Professor of Theology and the Arts, Duke University), 'Pneumatology at the Piano'.

8. Fri 2 July 2021, Revd Dr Matthias Grebe, (Associate Vicar, St Edward King and Martyr, Cambridge) 'Revisiting the Problem of Evil'.

9. Fri 3 Sept 2021, Dr Elaine Storkey, (author of Women in a Patriarchal World and broadcaster), 'Myths and Fruitlessness: Trump and QAnon'.

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