Beer and Theology Cambridge

by Graham Kings

Date added: 13/12/2020

Beer and Theology Cambridge

Six Mondays a year, two each 'term', on the third Monday of the month, from 8.00pm-9.30pm

at the Fort St George Pub, Midsummer Common, Cambridge CB4 1HA

Beer and Theology Cambridge (@BeerTheologyCam) was founded in October 2020 as an informal seminar. We have two items on the agenda: drink beer (or another preference); discuss theology.

It is co-sponsored by Fulcrum and the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide and is a branch of the original Beer and Theology London, the details of which are here.

It is open to all. Just turn up.

Future dates, speakers and subjects 2024
26. Mon 20 May 2024, Sr Dr Gemma Simmonds CJ (St Edmund's College and Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology), 'Talking in the Air? Prayer and God talk'.
27. Mon 15 July 2024, Revd Dr Mike Thompson (Retired Vice Principal and Lecturer in New Testament, Ridley Hall, Cambridge), 'The Synoptic Gospels in the Holy Internet'.
28. Mon 16 Sept 2024, Revd Dr Mark Smith (Dean, and Director of Studies in Theology, Clare College, Cambridge), 'Preparing for 2025: 1700th Anniversary of Nicene Creed'.
29. Mon 18 Nov 2024, speaker being arranged.

Previous dates, speakers and subjects

25. Mon 18 Mar 2024, Dr Gareth Atkins (Fellow and Director of Studies in History, Queens' College, Cambridge), 'Charles Simeon's Bible'.

24. Mon 15 Jan 2024, Dr Philip Johnston (Life Fellow Hughes Hall, Cambridge), Affiliated Lecturer, Faculty of Divinity, 'Aloneness in the Psalms'.

23. Mon 20 Nov 2023, Revd Dr Jonathan Holmes (Queens' College, Cambridge, former University Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomy), 'God and Animals'.

22. Mon 18 Sept 2023, Terry Barringer (Dep Editor, Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs and Senior Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide), 'Commonwealth: no Wealth and not much in Common?'

21. Mon 17 July 2023 Sr Dr Pavlina Kasparova (Academic Coordinator, Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide), ’Art and Theology in Practice’.

20. Mon 15 May 2023 Dr Jonathan Chaplin (Wesley House, Cambridge) ‘Disestablishing the Church of England’.

19. Mon 20 Mar 2023 Dr John Walker (Emeritus Reader in German Intellectual History, Birbeck College, London) 'Humboldt: Translation, Humanity, Faith and Dialogue'.

18. Mon 16 Jan 2023, Lucy Sixsmith (PhD student, Trinity College, Cambridge), 'Henry Martyn's Annotated Bible'.

17. Mon 21 Nov 2022, Dr Hannah Swithinbank (Ordinand, Westcott House, Cambridge), 'Effects of Empire: Israel’s Identity and Jeremiah’.

16. Mon 19 Sept 2022, Dr Graham Kings (Hon Assistant Bishop, Diocese of Ely), ‘Elizabeth The Gracious’.

15. Mon 18 July, Revd Dr Tim Jenkins (Reader in Anthropology and Religion and former Dean of Jesus College, Cambridge), ‘Reports of Flying Saucers’.

14. Mon 16 May 2022, Hannah Fytche (PhD student, Clare College, Cambridge and youth worker at St Andrew’s Chesterton), ‘Body of Christ in the Letters of Paul’. 

13. Fri 4 Mar 2022, Silvia Dimitrova, (Artist and Icon writer, Bath), 'Art: Sacred and Secular'.

12. Fri 4 Feb 2022, Dr Simeon Zahl (University Associate Professor of Christian Theology, Cambridge), 'Justification Embodied: Cranmer's Liturgies'.

11. Fri 3 Dec 2021, Esslie Hughes, (Chief of Finance and Operations, Episcopal Diocese of New York), 'Spirituality and Economics'.

10. Fri 1 Oct 2021, Simon Barrow, (Director of Ekklesia), 'Against the Religion of Power'.

9. Fri 3 Sept 2021, Dr Elaine Storkey, (author of Women in a Patriarchal World and broadcaster), 'Myths and Fruitlessness: Trump and QAnon'.

8. Fri 2 July 2021, Revd Dr Matthias Grebe, (Associate Vicar, St Edward King and Martyr, Cambridge) 'Revisiting the Problem of Evil'.

7. Fri 4 June 2021, Revd Prof Jeremy Begbie, (Professor of Theology and the Arts, Duke University), 'Pneumatology at the Piano'.

6. Fri 7 May 2021, Dr Cathy Ross, (Head of Pioneer Mission Leadership, Church Mission Society), 'Mission: Adventure of the Imagination'.

5. Fri 5 Mar 2021, Canon Dr Gordon Giles, (Canon Chancellor, Rochester Cathedral), 'Hymns: Ancient and Modern'.

4. Fri 5 Feb 2021, Dr Jennifer Wallace, (Fellow and Director of Studies in English, Peterhouse, Cambridge), 'Witnessing Tragedy'.

3. Fri 4 Dec 2020, Revd Dr Muthuraj Swamy, (Director, Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide), 'Esau's Magnanimity: Dialogue Directions'.

2. Fri 6 Nov 2020, Dr Jenny Leith, (Encounter Co-ordinator, Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide), 'Racism: Conviction of Sin'.

1. Fri 2 Oct 2020, Sam Richardson (CEO, SPCK), 'Digital Age: Theological Publishing'.



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