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The Redress of Mission: Ramsden Sermon University of Cambridge, 31 May 1998

09/09/2020    from Sermons

Graham Kings

I was invited by the Vice-Chancellor to preach the University of Cambridge 'Ramsden Sermon' on 31 May 1998, at Great St Mary's, the University Church.

It is an annual sermon to be preached on Whit Sunday (the day of Pentecost) on the subject of 'Church Extension Overeas especially in the Commonwealth of Nations'.

It was published in Anvil 16.1 (1999), pp. 7-11.


Rome: 50th Anniversary Symposium and Lecture: Interweavings Number 14, October 2016

18/11/2016    from Mission Theology Interweavings

Graham Kings

Bishop Graham's October Interweavings reflects on his visit to Rome for the 50th Anniversary of the Anglican Centre in Rome, and a lecture he gave at the Pontifical Urban University.